When was the last time you rang a stranger’s doorbell?

A. All of the time

B. Every other month

C. Not since I went trick or treating as a kid

If your answer was A, please stay far, far away from me. Also, why are you ringing people’s doorbells all of the time? If your answer was B, again what is the point of going door to door anymore? We can get anything and everything online. If your answer was C, we will be great friends.

Yesterday marked May 1st, also known as May Day. This day is when you can ding dong ditch someone’s house and leave a May Day basket, or in our case Trader Joes flowers.

As my friend and I were at the Twins game, we randomly decided to revert back to our childhood ways and run around St. Louis Park leaving bouquets of flowers at people’s doorsteps. Who knew that would end up being such a blast?!

Here is a photo and video gallery of our adventure:


Our bouquets all laid out and ready to leave at doorsteps!



We gave a bouquet to a couple gardening in the sun. It sure made the wife’s day.



About to run up to another house with a super cute red door.

Now this is where the real fun begins; when we actually go ding dong ditch this little St. Louis Park neighborhood on a Sunday.


Make sure to click on these other links below for more videos!




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