Now that your place is fully clean and rearranged in a way that makes you feel better about your space, it’s time to redecorate! As I mentioned at the beginning of this series, I decided to stay in my current apartment and completely redo the layout and look rather than move to another apartment building. By making this decision, I was able to save money and buy new decorations to update my apartment.

Let’s Save Money

By choosing to stay in my current apartment, I was able to save money. How you may ask? Well, as most people know moving is not only a hassle, but also is very costly. If you choose to stay in your current apartment, you can save money on funds that would have gone toward a UHaul, safety deposit and  application fee. Not to mention, there seems to be hidden fees when signing a new lease that you never see before you decide that will be your new home.

I’ve also noticed that no matter how many items you bring with you from place to place, there always seems to be more furniture or artwork that you need to buy for the new place. Therefore, by staying in your current living space you will save money and that money you save can be reallocated to new decorations that reflect more of who you are as a person and the newly arranged apartment that you’ve created for yourself.

Not only will you save money from not having to spend it on moving expenses, but sometimes you end up finding money where you least expect it. In my experience during this project, I found that by de-cluttering my living space I ended up finding money that I wasn’t aware of in my apartment. Most people may find upwards of $50.00 laying around their place, but somehow I hit the jackpot and found over $1,000.00! I have to admit, that made me more aware that I need to actually go through my mail more thoroughly that I have in the past; but that’s beside the point.

Since now you are saving money on moving expenses and may even find more money than what you expected in your apartment, it’s time to go shopping!

Home Decor Guidelines

Since you spent all of this time deciding that you would be saving money by not moving to a new home, my suggestion is not to blow your budget on home decor items you don’t really need. Remember, you just de-cluttered your entire place. It’s not the time to get more “stuff” to clutter it back up. Here are a few guidelines that I used when redecorating my place.

  1. Rearrange decorations in different spaces for a new look.
  2. Spend less than half of your projected moving costs.
  3. Always, always, always use 3M hooks for wall decor.

Rearrange decorations in different spaces for a new look

You’ve already taken inventory of all of your decorations and items within your living space because of the de-cluttering process. More than likely, you’ve been able to find hidden gems that you forgot you once bought. These are great decorations you can put on display throughout your home to bring a new, brighter feel to the space.


When you redecorate your furniture with existing pieces or even just candles in new places, the vibe of the space already becomes more positive. For example, in my bedroom I decided to put the tall green grass vase I had behind my white nightstand and put a vanilla coffee candle on the nightstand. 

Spend less than half of your projected moving costs

Since you decided to save money by not moving to another apartment, make sure to spend less than half of your money on new decorations. How to do that? Well, set a budget. Determine what it would have cost you to move and then set a limit on how much you can spend.

Once you have your budget, I would suggest visiting places that are relatively cost effective. I decided to shop Goodwill, TJ Maxx, Bed Bath and Beyond and Target for my decor. Goodwill was convenient because I was dropping off donations so to quickly run through the store was easy to do. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything that I was looking for, but it was good to check it out anyway.

Bonus tip: Do not buy things just to buy them. You must visualize a place for it in your home and know it would be a value add to your living space.

Before shopping, have a plan of what look you are going for in your home. For example, I had felt that my apartment had darker tones than what I had wanted and realized that I wanted to reflect a lighter or brighter home than what I currently had. I had an idea to spray paint my entertainment center white, but instead of taking the time to do that project, I found small pieces that I could place inside of the cubbies to brighten it up.


Another decision I had already made was that I wanted more of a beach tone within my space. I already had some the travel and adventure photos hung up in my apartment, but I wanted to bring in more turquoise as it’s my favorite color. A great way to bring in that color are lighter beach house decorations. That way I can also feel like I’m on a vacation wherever I turn within my apartment. One section, I look like I’m in Cabo and in another section I’m in France or Italy.


Beach decor


One are of my apartment that I lacked in decor for three years was wall decor. I’ll admit, even now I think I need to add a few pieces of artwork or photos. That said, my main purchases were chic wall decor to bring more life into my apartment.

Always, always, always use 3M hooks for wall decor

Okay, so once you buy the wall decor, you obviously have to hang it. Yes, as a woman in my mid-20’s I should own a hammer and nails, but of course I don’t. Therefore, one Saturday morning I went to Ace Hardware to pick up my supplies. A young guy, it was probably his first job in high school, came up to help me. As we were looking and the nail wall he was asking what I was going to hang. Well, unfortunately for this young guy I don’t think he had much experience in hanging wall decor because he sells me a 10 pt 2 3/4″ set of nails.

I come home and decide to hang my cheap Target mirror in my bedroom first, you know, as practice. I start hammering the nail straight into the wall to hang my mirror from the top. Everything looked great, but the mirror started to jet out a bit from the wall on the bottom, so I decided to nail in the bottom part of the mirror to the wall to make it stay.

Feeling pretty good about myself, I decided to walk into my living room for a second. That’s when I saw it. A massive chunk of wall on the floor and a hole where my top nail was on the other side of the wall! I had completely not taken into account that my apartment walls are plaster and that would make a difference. Not to mention, the 2 3/4″ nails the guy sold me at Ace Hardware were too long for my wall.


From that moment, I decided I would hang the rest of my wall decor by 3M hooks. No mess, no fuss. Thankfully 3M carries an array of hook options for all your wall decor needs and therefore I was able to finish hanging all of my photos I had purchased, with the exception of a large mirror I bought, but that will need to be professionally hung. I do not want to take that project on myself.

Lessons Learned

 My apartment is finally done with the renovations. I have de-cluttered, rearranged and redecorated my apartment to make it feel new without having to move to a new home. This journey has taught me a few practical lessons:

  • Live like a minimalist
  • Check your mail–you may have $1,000.00 waiting for you
  • Use 3M stripes for wall decor
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