In today’s society, stress is a normal feeling most individuals deal with on a weekly or even daily basis. Our American culture is never satisfied with what we have an is always wanting more immediately. Being stressed can be in the form of worry. This feeling can emit negative effects on our lives over time.


Reasons for Stress

Anxiety emerges within our lives from several different areas:

  • Jobs
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Money
  • Socially
  • Housing

We also feel stressed out because of our behaviors. Admittedly, this is where most of my stress comes from. Let’s take a quick peek at the list:

  • Always busy and on the go
  • Overcommitting yourself to activities
  • Not having enough alone time
  • Overthinking your words or actions

Negative Effects of Stress

Stress brings emotional and mental distress to a person’s well being, which can cause negative effects such as worry. It can effect our physical bodies as well. When a person is stressed, there are hormones that are emitted into the body. One of these hormones is cortisol, which at high rate of release can lead to negative health effects on the body. (Please read this article from The Huffington Post on stress hormones.)

Stress 2

 How to Deal with Stress

Today people are more stressed out and we need a way to reduce the amount of tension our body endures. This can be difficult depending on your life stage or personality type.

For me, I’ve found there are a few different ways that help me keep my tension levels low or know that I need to start one of these activities more regularly if I’m feeling stressed out.

  1. Exercise–especially yoga
  2. Eat a well balanced diet
  3. Sleep well
  4. Relax on your own
  5. Write down thoughts
  6. Talk with a friend
  7. Take a bath
  8. Reduce caffeine intake
  9. Think about the present moment
  10. Be thankful

In our culture today, we are busier than ever, which brings more tension into our lives. Trying to get to the next level in our career, buy a new house or accelerate a relationship will have it’s challenges, but will be easier to handle as you continue to relieve stress in your own way. Inadvertently, you may realize that by releasing stress a little bit every day will help you live a more healthy, happy life.


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